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Ingenieurbüro Baumann – the sports facility builders

Planning, consulting, managing and coordinating sports facility projects

Our specialised perspective is what makes us stand out. We conduct preliminary investigations into the ground conditions in our own test laboratory before the planning stage. The results allow us to identify the most economic and efficient construction methods for our clients.

Our experience

55 years of passion for sport

  • 1964

    Company established

    Over following years, leading role in the development of German industrial standards for fields of horticulture, landscaping and sports facility construction

  • 1972

    Senior construction management at Olympic facilities in Munich
  • 1990 - 2005

    Work for various German soccer league stadia and training grounds, including Nuremberg, Leverkusen, Mönchengladbach and Kaiserslautern as well as Red Star Belgrade

  • 2012

    European Championship in Poland
    Responsible for turf-bearing layer and supervision of laying at European Championship stadia in Wrocław and Poznań

  • 2018

    Consulting and planning for FC Ingolstadt training ground with soccer school in South Tyrol/Vals 2018/2019

  • Today

    Over 550 completed projects and satisfied clients

Our team

We believe team spirit belongs in the office too

the team

Our core team currently comprises five members of staff from the areas of Engineering, Technical Planning, Laboratory (CTA – Chemical Technical Assistant) and Landscape Architecture. We have two sites in Bavaria where we look after sports facility projects in Germany, Austria, Italy and other neighbouring countries.

All staff share the same passion. We love a wide range of sports – from soccer, field hockey, tennis and golf to athletics. This passion often enables us to take a closer look at the actual needs and the challenges. It makes us your ideal partner.

We look
forward to hearing
from you

Construction for sport is our passion
Hausheim Office

Ingenieurbüro Baumann GbR
Pfleghofstraße 14
92348 Hausheim

Munich Office

Ingenieurbüro Baumann GbR
Gubestraße 22
80992 München
Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 307 08 778