Soil composition influences the price

Independent test laboratory

ground analysis in independent  laboratory
The ground analysis in the laboratory forms the basis for all later planning options. The values we calculate enable us to guarantee a sustainable economic solution.

Overview of laboratory services

We verify


the soil composition and ground conditions, and identify possible construction methods.


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the quality of all proposed construction materials and material combinations


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the supplied materials and material combinations, and their usage


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the economy of construction methods

Construction defects

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construction defects (with official expert opinions for litigation)

Preliminary investigations, suitability checks and verification audits

in accordance with DIN18035
Preliminary investigations are normally requested before the planning phase. Suitability checks need to be submitted by construction companies before the start of construction. Verification audits ensure that the quality required and documented in the suitability checks and the materials used actually comply with DIN requirements.

What you need to know about preliminary investigations:

Preliminary investigations of the grounds form the basis for planning
The results determine which materials can be used or re-used. This can reduce costs considerably.
Preliminary investigations usually cover their own costs and reduce the overall price of the project. The extra expense during analysis and planning allows more economic methods to be employed.
The laboratory investigations differentiate between suitability and verification audits.
Suitability checks verify that materials and their use comply with DIN18035, e.g. drainage layers, turf-bearing layers etc.
Verification audits are for quality assurance of materials before, during and after installation.

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